Simple Baby Photo Setup 0-6 mo.

Taking photos of Baby can sometimes be frustrating. Try this simple, stress-free setup and save your sanity! Scroll down for steps and posing ideas.

Simple newborn photo setup

Let's just take a moment to stop and admire this sweet baby... ahhhh. Yes, he's mine and his name is Tate.

After doing a lot of baby sessions the WRONG way, I've learned that keeping things SIMPLE is the best way to go. Getting great photos doesn't have to be complicated!

In this Simple Baby Photo Setup, you will not need backdrops, bean bags, props, or any such thing. All you need is a bedroom with a nice bright window, a bed, and Baby who isn't crawling yet. Once you get set up, the photos themselves should only take 5-10 minutes. If Baby is happy, you can continue on and get your macro lens out and do detail shots of all his tiny fingers and toes and those adorable chubby lips. But for now, lets just talk about the main shots. To see a Simple Baby Photo Setup for 6 mo.+, click here.


This is an easy set-up anyone can do - it doesn't take much time or any fancy equipment. That's why I love it!

1. Prepare the room: Open blinds & curtains to let as much light in as possible. (A good amount of indirect light is necessary for this to work best... so if it's an overcast day or you have trees and bushes blocking the light, it will likely be too dark. You may need to find a different room or move the bed closer to the window. You don't want the bed on the same wall as your main window. Ideally, the window should be to the side or to the front. ) Turn off overhead lights. Make the bed with a solid colored sheet or blanket. It's best to remove any clutter on the bed such as pillows, and any art above the bed that could distract from our cute focal point. Fluffy comforters may need to be removed as well. Nightstands won't be in the shot if you're using a 50mm lens (what I used), but if you're using an iPhone, you will likely need to remove nightstands or declutter them. Keep the room on the warmer side, especially for really young babies or if you're planning on taking any shots with Baby in only a diaper or blanket. Snap a couple test shots standing directly in front of the bed and get your settings where you're happy with them. For a starting place when shooting manually with a DSLR, I'd recommend setting your ISO to 800, your aperture to 4.0 or lower, and then adjusting your shutter speed accordingly (look through the viewfinder and when the indicator lines up to 0, you're good to go!).

2. Dress baby in a simple, solid color and clean his face.

3. Wait until baby is either happy and alert or totally asleep before moving on. This might be the most important step!

4. Place the baby in the middle of the bed, step back, and facing the bed squarely with the window to the side or front shoot away! You want plenty of soft light falling on your baby's face. If you see lots of dark shadows, just angle him a little more towards the light. Once you get a few good shots from this spot, feel free to move around and experiment with different angles and compositions.

Look at the gallery below for some simple posing ideas you can use at different stages of Baby's first few months.

easy baby photo poses

I took half of these photos in my own bedroom. I have white walls (Creamy, by Sherwin Williams) and white bedding. My client's bedroom was similar- with white walls and white bedding. The color of the walls and bedding is really important because it will reflect onto Baby. Whites are my favorite because the photos look so clean. However, any light, neutral colors are just fine. If you have to work with colors you don't love, you can likely adjust the hues in Lightrooom or Photoshop, or just turn them into black and whites.

**PLEASE PRACTICE WISDOM AND SAFETY when photographing Baby, giving the utmost consideration to his or her comfort. Never leave a baby unattended on the bed, and if he/she becomes unhappy, put the photos on hold.**

What do you think? Is this something you think you can tackle? I know you can do it!