Course Launch: Photos That Sell is Open Now!

The day has arrived!!

My brand new course, Photos That Sell is now officially open through midnight on September 16.


This is pretty much how I feel after working on the course for OVER A YEAR!! And I think it's how you'll feel too when you see your own gorgeous Photos That Sell for the first time!

I’m so excited about the transformations that will take place as people get access to the training they desperately need.

Just because you’re not a professional photographer doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to shoot like one. I’ll prove it to you!

I truly want you to have confidence and peace of mind in this area of your business. I want you to be empowered to create the content you need whenever you need it and to never feel limited by your camera skills. Instead, I want you to feel liberated by your camera skills!

What if you knew exactly how to plan, prepare, shoot, edit and post your images and you never had to waste another minute wondering if you were doing it right?

What would it feel like to have a website and social media feeds that look so good it elevates your entire brand? This is possible when you learn how to take Photos That Sell.

In the course, I walk with you through creating your first set of Photos That Sell start to finish. This includes:

• Learn my simple 5 Step Workflow: Plan, Prepare, Shoot, Edit & Export, Post & Print

• Learn how to use your DSLR on Manual Mode the exact same way I do to achieve stunning results and gain maximum creative control.

• Learn about recommended cameras and lenses, as well as my favorite resources.

• Learn how to take stunning photos in your own space - no fancy setup required.

• Cheat sheets and visual guides included

• Composition SIMPLIFIED

• Hacks to improve fast, even if you don’t have time to practice

• Editing made easy

• How to export your images in the correct sizes for web and print

• How to neatly store your images so they’re easy to find and use

• Tips for easy posting and printing



Sound nice? I agree!!

I’ve been a photographer for ten years, and I love to teach people how to succeed with their cameras for whatever need they have. When I saw that so many people are struggling with their product photos, I knew this was something I could help with! As a wedding and editorial photographer, I take product photos all the time, but we call them something different in the wedding industry: detail shots. On the wedding day I have to work fast, so I use the natural light available and I don’t lug around any fancy equipment. My approach is simple and efficient, and I can show you how to do your own product photos the exact same way. Ultimately, I know that this is a super important aspect of your business but just one part of it nonetheless! You don’t have time to spend months learning. You need results as quickly as possible!

Anyone can learn to take great photos with a DSLR, it’s not a magical talent you’re born with. Even if you’ve been frustrated trying to learn in the past, and even if you have no prior experience, you can have amazing success in Photos That Sell.

I carefully designed the course to be simple step-by-step instructions anyone can follow. The best part is, you don’t have to learn a bunch of new vocabulary or become a technical genius. If you can follow a recipe, you can have success in Photos That Sell.

This course was crafted to meet you where you’re at and get you where you want to go in a shockingly short amount of time. Your friends learning on YouTube will typically take 6 months to a year or more to learn what you will learn in my course in about 2 hours. That’s because I’ve crafted instruction specific to your exact need. No more sifting through the endlessly broad subject of photography for you! No more researching, no more guessing.

Don’t waste another minute in frustration or missing out on the creative possibilities that open up when you have confidence in this area. Join me today in Photos That Sell.