5 Reasons You Should Get a Wedding Album

Wondering how far up on the priority list to put your wedding album when discussing packages with your photographer?

In my opinion, it should be pretty high up there. Here's 5 reasons why.

#1 - Your album is the ideal way to view your wedding photos and enjoy them in a tangible way. Not only is the album is where the photos will look their absolute best, but it's an actual real product as opposed to digital files sitting in a file on your computer. After spending thousands of dollars for wedding photography, I think it's important that you have something tangible and real in your hands. Many brides plan to do the album themselves later on and never get around to it. Unless you are 100% confident you will sit down and spend the hours of time it takes to design the album after the wedding, let your photographer do it! You'll have the confidence of knowing you will get a high quality professional product. You won't regret it!

#2 - The album is your opportunity to curate your wedding photo collection and tell the story of your day in a way that is most meaningful to you. Yes, there will be gorgeous prints on the walls of your home (I hope!), but your album is where you can show the full story of your day from start to finish on your terms.

#3 - Your album will stand the test of time. In a world where technology is changing by the day, will your USB or digital files be supported by the tech of the future? I hope so, but there's no way to know. On the other hand, your album will last for generations.

#4 - It will look cute in your living room and will be fun to share with guests.

#5 - I alluded to this earlier, buuut... The album is kinda the point! Your photographer will spend hours of painstaking work editing your images and preparing them, so that the entire wedding collection will be ready to be enjoyed in a finished, printed format. While showing your favorites online here and there is also a great thing to do, don't forget that you've paid for a professional to capture your day in its entirety and build a full cohesive collection!

I hope I've convinced you that including an album in your wedding package is entirely appropriate, and even more than that... highly recommended!


Here's a little more insight into how the album process works:

Negotiating the Album

In my perfect world, albums would always be included in all wedding packages across the board. I understand why many brides opt to forgo in order to keep costs down. However, I feel so strongly about albums that I recommend considering having shorter coverage and/or doing without the 2nd shooter if that means you can get an album. There also may be other creative ways to work with your photographer to make it do-able, and it doesn't hurt to ask!

Creating the Album of Your Dreams

Creating your album with your photographer is a fun experience. There are so many cover material choices available: real leather, linen, wood, image wraps, the list goes on - in every color and size. So you can really make it exactly what you want... classic, modern, funky, beachy, boho.. whatever style suits you and your wedding story best.

Ordering the Album

Although the process varies a little from photographer to photographer, it's probably basically the same as how I do it! Once you send me a list of about 80 images you've chosen for the album, I design it all and send a PDF for approval. If you have any changes or tweaks we make those... then once you're 100% happy with everything, the order is submitted and you get your gorgeous finished album delivered in 1-2 weeks! So good!

Enjoying the Album

The very last thing that happens is... You love and show off your album for years and years... and I rest easy knowing you've been taken care of really well and won't miss out on enjoying your photos to the max!! That makes my heart soooo happy!