5 Myths Busted About Doing Your Own Product Photography

When it comes to creating imagery, most people understand that the iPhone is mainly built for convenience, while the DSLR is an upgrade in terms of quality and creative control. So why are so many people still only using their iPhone for their product and brand photography? If essentially everyone could benefit from nicer looking photos, what's holding people back?

Everyone wants and needs good photos. But I think there are some pretty big misconceptions out there that keep people from having great success in this area.


MYTH #1: Learning to use my DSLR will take too long

It's true that photography is a broad discipline and starting from scratch can definitely feel overwhelming.

People who teach themselves using YouTube and similar resources typically say it took them 6 months to a year to feel comfortable using their DSLR on manual mode. This is fine if you're not in a rush and you also enjoy the material enough to sift through and find what you need. But let's be honest, that's a long time.

Thankfully, it's not the only way. You can dramatically cut down on the time and effort it takes to learn if you just take a short course or workshop that is tailored to your needs.

I did a lot of phone interviews when preparing my course and the people I spoke to who had taken some kind of workshop or course reported that they felt comfortable shooting on manual mode "immediately". Ok Immediately versus 6 months- 1 year +. That's powerful! And these were not long, drawn out courses, these were one-day workshops.

Sounds good to me. I'm all about cutting the clutter and getting results fast. And that's exactly what I designed my course Photos That Sell to do.

In Photos That Sell, I can show you how to do exactly what you need to do with a DSLR in about 2 hours (even if you have no experience!). The reason I'm able to do this is because I've crafted instruction tailored to your specific needs.


MYTH #2: Getting great photos requires expensive equipment or a studio.

Having expensive equipment is nice, but not necessary. The differences you will see in upgrading your equipment from the $500 camera to the $2000 camera are minor in comparison to the giant leaps of improvement you can achieve just by adopting some simple strategies. It's actually your technique that is going to give you great results. And technique can be easily learned. That's some pretty good news, right?!


MYTH #3: Learning to use my DSLR on manual mode is too difficult and boring.

I realize that you may or may not be interested in what aperture and shutter speed is and that is totally fine. You're in the right place. Learning to shoot on manual mode is not difficult, it's just new. Let me repeat. It's not difficult, it's just new.

Like all new things, it will feel awkward at first. But then you do it a few times and it's like riding a bike, you don't even think about it any more.

If you're not particularly interested in photography for photography's sake, that's fine too. In Photos That Sell, you won't have to memorize a bunch of vocabulary or become a technical genius. I understand that your passion is your business and the DSLR is a powerful tool to help you show it off. So I want to teach you as quickly as possible how to do that.... And I might be biased but I think you're going to enjoy it.


MYTH #4: DIY photos are not as good as professional ones

Wrong! I have to smile because some of my favorite Instagram feeds are by creatives who learned to use a DSLR to show off their products and have used this side skill to create something completely new and inspiring.

Photography is not hard, and I'm going to show you exactly how I, the "professional" do things so you can do it that way too.

Paying for photos doesn't automatically mean they are better photos. In fact, there are even a few distinct advantages you have over any pro you might hire.

When you take your own photos, you have complete creative control, instant gratification, and a more authentic voice. As the creator of your brand, that's a huge advantage!

Complete Creative Control: Whatever your vision is for your brand, you can tell that story through pictures in your own way without having to relay the ideas to anyone else.

Instant Gratification: It's nice to be able to create content on demand, but it's also enormously helpful to the creative process itself. If you need to tweak things mid-shoot to get the look you want or move in a different direction, there's nothing stopping you. You can instantly adjust to find what works.

Authenticity: When you do your own photos, I believe your unique brand personality can more easily show through. This is a priceless advantage you have over larger brands that may not have that authentic voice.


MYTH #5: I don't have an "eye" for photography so I can't be good at it.

Having an eye for photography is not a real thing. People aren't born with photography skills, they learn them. What makes you a better photographer is PRACTICE and also learning basic technique.

I know you may not have time for practice, so I've practiced enough for both of us. In Photos That Sell, I've curated the instruction so that it's specifically helpful to you. You don't have to figure anything out on your own, just follow along with me.

And... if you can trust me and follow some easy tips, you'll be juuuust fine. The entire course is designed to help you have success even if you don't have any prior experience and don't have time to practice. This is baked in. I wanted to create something for real people, real small business owners, not for photography lovers or aspiring pros.

"I wanted to create something for real people, real small business owners, not for photography lovers or aspiring pros. "

I hope you'll invest in yourself and your business by joining me in my short but powerful course Photos That Sell. I want you to love your photos and finally have confidence in this area of your business!