This is me... I love to photograph pretty things... and the prettiest of them all is a bride on her wedding day. I also love to teach and recently launched an online course about product photography called Photos That Sell.

Quick facts:

I've been married for almost 14 years, we have 4 kids: Twins Will and Wyatt (10), daughter Evie (9), and the littlest Fryer, Tate (2). I was born and raised in rural Florida. My husband Jason is from Cincinnati. He's a fanatic of Cincinnati and will try to convince you it's the best town in the world. (Did you know Jerry Springer once was the mayor? Did you know Carmen Electra is from Cincinnati? See what I mean...) He's actually THE BEST. We've lived in Virginia, Florida, Ohio, and now Northwest Arkansas. We live in the suburbs but our dream is to live a quiet life out in country... or maybe to just experience one whole day of quiet haha!


Make yourself at home and don't be a stranger. Leave me a note in the contact form to let me know you stopped by. I hope your day is the loveliest!